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So Easy To Use : The Software For Plug & Play - S7-200

The STEP 7 - Micro / WIN Programming software features especially time - saving and powerful tools - saving and powerful tools - and that means great cost savings in your day-to-day work. Operation of the programming software is the same as standard Windows applications. Micro / WIN contains all the necessary tools for programming the entire S7-200 range of controllers. You have the powerful SIMATIC instruction set at your disposal and you can program in accordance with IEC 1131.

A host of new functions such as Trend Charts and wizards now make programming even easier. And STEP 7-Micro / WIN 4.0 has even more to offer : e.g. segmented data memories, improved handling of the program and command structure or diagnostic fuctions such as a user-specific LED, error history or runtime edit and online download.
Software For Plug & Play
Integrated online functions :
• Runtime edit
• Online status
Context sensitive online help is possible for all functions.
Clear and informative sysmbols and symbol table
• Standard symbol table
• User - defined table
Structured programming with libraries
• USS protocol for actuating drives
• Modbus library
• Self-defined libraries
Structured programming with subroutines
• Parameterizable subroutiness
• Password-protected sbubroutines
• Multiple calls of subroutines in user program
• Import / Export of subroutines possible

• Fast online debugging
• Fault localization at the client of a mouse

Positioning Wizard
STEP 7-Micro / WIN supports even the most complex automation solutions with the following user-friendly wizards :
• TD 200, TD 100C, TD 200C
• PID loops
• High-speed counters
• NetRead-NetWrite
• AS-Internet Wizard
• Ethernet / Internet Wizard
• Positioning Wizard
• Positioning Control Panel
• Modem
• Data logging
• PID Auto-Tune Control Panel
• PTO (pulse outputs)
• Recipe management
• Modbus RTU
• USS protocol
IT Wizard
• Configuring of access authorization, E-mail, and FTP
• Parameterization of data exchange over Ethernet i.e. CPU to CPU
Control Panel
• Start-up tool for motion applications
• Adaptation and testing of the position parameters
• Modification of traverse profiles
Positioning Wizard
• Parameterization of machine data
• Generation of different traverse profile
• Selection of different type of refrence point appoaches
Software add-ons
SIMATIC WinCC flexible - OP 73micro and TP 177micro
A special, low-cost engineering package has been bundled for configuration of the OP 73micro with WinCC flexible : WinCC flexible Micro. It goes without saying that the Compact / Standard / Advanced version can also be used. Simple and quick configuration possible by means of a clear user interface, pre-generated graphics objects, Intellgent tools for graphic configuration and support of multilingual configuration. A PC/PPI adapter cable is required for downloading the configuration.

Wireless bidirectional communication between S7-200 controllers and the SINAUT MD 720-3 modem is provided via GRPS and the new GRPS management with the aid of the OPC routing software SINAUT Micro SC. Thanks to quadband modem technology, most mobile radio providers with GRPS network can be utilized. GRPS and internet quarantee worldwide, fast communication and short transmission times - at low costs, as only the transferred data volume is charged.

SIWATOOL MS - SIWAREX MS weighing module
SIWAREX MS is integrated into the plant software with the aid of STEP 7-Micro / Win. To do this and as a basis for further application programming, the ready-to-use software SIWAREX MS "Gettin Started" is available, free of charge - in adddition to the configuration package. The SIWATOOL MS software allows to set SIWAREX weighing modules while benefiting from windows comfort-even without specific SIMATIC knowledge. Fast troubleshooting is ensured in online mode with a host of diagnostic options provided by the SIWATOOL MS.
Positioning Wizard
Positioning Control Panel
Information Technology Wizard
The Most Imortant Benefits Of The Wizards
• Parameterization instead of progrmming
• Graphical parameterzation of complex tasks
• Automatic check of available memory area
• Generation of commented and executable program blocks.

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