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industrial automation

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Micro Automation

Simply different - Simply Ingenious
Micro Automation  
Micro Automation
Switching and controlling - the profitable way

Profitable companies have vision - they maintain their competitive edge by using new technologies that are always a step ahead of their time. There is constant pressure to save time and money at every stage of the process, from planning and commissioning through to operation. And the applications must offer the critical added extra in terms

of options, convenience and technical refinement at all times. Switching and controlling playa central part in this process - they must be both simple and intelligent; simple in operation and intelligent in implementing the many options that are expected of an application with vision.

Transport Facilitie
House and building services management
Special solutions

Transport facilities
• Conveyor systems
• Hoisting platforms
• Elevators
• Silo works
• Automatic dry feeders

                House and building services management
            • Lighting control
                  (outside and inside lighting)
                • Door/gate control
                • Shutter, sun blind and awning control
                • Watering and sprinkler system control

Special solutions
• Solar-electric systems
• Use on ships
• Use under extreme environmental
• Display panels and traffic control 

Heating / ventilation / airconditioning
Machine controls
Operational monitoring systems

Heating / ventilation / airconditioning
• Energy management
• Heating
• Cooling systems
• Ventilation systems
• Air conditioning systems

              Machine controls
                • Motor, pump and valve controls
                • Air compressors
                • Exhaust and filtering systems
                • Water-treatment plants
                • Sawing machines and planing machines
                • Etching and purification plants

Operational monitoring systems
• Access control
• Vehicle control monitoring
• Alarm systems
• Limit-value monitoring
• Traffic light control systems
• Baggage control

Can Contribute A Every Step In Your Life
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your Society
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At your House
At your Society
At your office
At hostel & Shopping Malls
 LOGO! and its Modules


LOGO! Basic

• Different voltages, i.e. 12 V DC, 24 V ACIDC, 115/240 V ACIDC
   - Can be used for a wide range of applications

• Automatic changeover from daylight saving time to winter time
   - Reduces maintenance overhead

• Password protection
   - Protects your know-how

• 34 integrated, pre-tested functions
   - No additional devices, such as elapsed time counter, are required

• Linking of 130 functions is possible
   - extensive applications can be implemented without restrictions

• Eight digital inputs (incl. two Als at 12/24 V DC) and four digital outputs on board

LOGO! Pure

LOGO! Pure

• Display of message texts, setpoint and actual values as well as direct
   modification of the values on the display (except for Pure versions)
   - Makes separate display unnecessary

• Integrated data latch
   - Protects current values against loss in the event of a power failure

• Flexibly expandable up to 24 Dls, 16 DOs and 8 AOs
  - Protects original investment
  - Suitable for a wide variety of applications

• Software LOGO! Soft Comfort V4 for userfriendly generation of control    programs
   on PC; suitable for a variety of operating systems, such as    WIN95/98, NT 4.0,
   ME, 2000 or XP, MAC OS X 10.2 with J2SE 1.4.1 and    Linux with J2SE 1.4.1.

Digital expansion modules


Digital expansion modules

There are four versions for expanding the digital inputs and outputs :

• DM8 230R
   - Supply voltage 115/240 V ACIDC
   - Four 120/230 V ACIDC digital inputs
   - Four digital output relays, 5 A per relay

• DM8 24
   - Supply voltage 24 V DC
   - Four 24 V DC digital inputs
   - Four digital output transistors, 0.3 A

• DM8 12/24R
   - Supply voltage 12/24 V DC
   - Four 12/24 V digital inputs
   - Four digital output relays, 5 A per relay

• DM8 24R
   - Supply voltage 24 V ACIDC
   - Four 24 V ACIDC digital inputs, PNP or NPN - Four digital output  relays, 5 A per      relay

Analog expansion modules
Analog expansion modules

There are two versions for expanding the analog inputs :

• AM2
   - Supply voltage 12/24 V DC
   - Two channels
   - 0 to 10 V or 0 to 20 mA typ.

• AM2 PT 100
   - Supply voltage 12/24 V DC
   - Two channels
   - Type PT 100
   - Measuring range -50°C to +200 °C
Communications modules

Communications modules

Customized modules are also available for communication :

CM EIB/KNX (instabus EIB)
   - Supply voltage 24 V ACIDC
   - max. 16 Dls, 12 DOs, 8 Als as interface to nstabus EIB

• CM AS-Interface slave
   - Supply voltage 12/24 V DC
   - 4 Dls/4 DOs as interface to AS-Interface master


Measure & Control
Millions of Applications
Single Logo! Can Measure & Control
  Logo Millions of Applications

• Distance & Filling Level Measurement   • Pressure   • Temperature   • Motor Spped   • High Speed Counting   
• Logic Operations   • RTC Related Applications
 LOGO! Accessories
PC cable

LOGO! PC cable

• The direct connection to and from LOGO
• For easy transmission of LOGO switching programs to and from the PC

program module

LOGO! program module

• For duplication
• And for protecting your expertise


LOGO! manual

• Detailed operating information
• Description of all integrated functions
• Numerous practical sample applications

power supply

LOGO! Power : the power supply

For effortless conversion of the AC 100/240 V line voltage into the relevant operating voltage

• For all LOGO! 12 V DC units
• And 24 V DC units
• Two versions in each case for different output currents


LOGO! Contact

Hum-free switching module

• For switching resistive loads up to 20A
• For direct switching of motors up to 4 kW
• For high performance loads in noise-sensitive environments


LOGO! Prom

For duplicating program modules

• Copying modules
• Describing modules by means of LOGO! Soft Comfort

Front panel racks

Front panel racks

For installation in control cabinet doors

• Front IP 65 (lP 30 without disk)
• 4 WM or 8 WM (optionally with keys)

 LOGO! Simply New
 Ordering Data
 LOGO! versions  Order number
 LOGO! 24  6ED1 052-1CC00-0BA4
 LOGO! 24o  6ED1 052-2CC00-0BA4
 LOGO! 12/24RC  6ED1 052-1MD00-0BA4
 LOGO! 12/24RCo  6ED1 052-2MD00-0BA4
 LOGO! 24RC (AC/DC)  6ED1 052-1HB00-0BA4
 LOGO! 24RCo (AC/DC)  6ED1 052-2HB00-0BA4
 LOGO! 230RC  6ED1 052-1FB00-0BA4
 LOGO! 230RCo  6ED1 052-2FB00-0BA4
 Expansion Modules  Order number
 LOGO! DM8 24  6ED1 055-1CB00-0BA0
 LOGO! DM8 12/24R  6ED1 055-1MB00-0BA1
 LOGO! DM8 24R (AC/DC)  6ED1 055-1HB00-0BA0
 LOGO! DM8 230R  6ED1 055-1FB00-0BA1
 LOGO! AM2  6ED1 055-1MA00-0BA0
 LOGO! AM2 PT 100  6ED1 055-1MD00-0BA0

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