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Highly dynamic or extremely compact - The new 1 FK7 Servomotors
Servo Motors  
Servo Motors
1 FK7 Servomotors : The new standard for Motion Control tasks
Motion Control controls motion sequences in many machines and in the widest range of industry segments. Today, 1FKG synchronous servomotors dominate drive systems which involve complex sequences such as closed-loop position and speed controls. However, we have further improved this well-proven technology. With the leading edge 1 FK7 servomotors, based on the successful 1 FK6 series, a new servo standard has been created which has significantly improved the benchmark in essential areas. With significantly higher dynamic performance, compactness and degree of system integration, this new generation of motors will fulfill all of the future market requirement. Not only this, its flexibility will address your specific demands.

Individual Solutions :
No matter what your requirement are, the new 1 FK7 servomotors will always provide you with the perfect drive system solution. Now, the features of the motors can be individually adapted to your drive tasks even more so than before. This is ensured by two motor version whose strengths can be fully leveraged and which are also compatible to the Siemens SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES® MC and SIMODRIVE® drive converter systems. The result - an optimally harmonized technical and cost - effective solution.

• Dynamic performance for the highest possible process optimization
• Compact - for every application
• Whether dynamic or compact the 1 FK7 is always the optimum solution
• Flexible using a modular principle
• Rugged design for extreme conditions
• Fit for all requirements
• High efficiency with low operating costs
• Compatible and easy to integrate

Servo Motors
Servo Drives
Servo Drive
1 FK7 HD (High Dynamic) : High dynamic response
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
SH 36
SH 48
SH 63
SH 80
Leading-edge response
Dynamic response in your process means increased production. In this case, motor acceleration is the name of the game. The new 1 FK7 HD servomotors provide the necessary performance for these requirements - supplying impressive response. Our new sprinter exceeds all expectations. In conjunction with the high stall torques, they have an extremely high acceleration capability and an extremely low intrinsic moment of inertia. Even the optional holding brake has been designed with a low moment of inertia.

Extreme load duty cycles, fast positioning and equally fast stopping can be realized in the shortest time thanks to these characteristics. We have completely redeveloped the rotors of our servomotors and consequently built the 1 FK7 HD for high dynamic response. The HD version is available in 4 shaft heights and 11 different version. This makes your machine of today fit for the tasks of tomorrow.

Motion Connect for reliable connections
In order that your process is always in production, the 1 FK7 servomotors can be reliably and safety connected to our SIMODRIVE or SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Motion Control AC drive converters using the new MOTION CONNET® system. This is a connection system where you can fing the optimum preassembled power and signal cables for very application. Not only this, you can save time and money as result of the simple installation. High immunity to vibration, optimum electromagnetic compatibility and three performance level selections further guarantees maximum reliability.

The performance and system integration capacity of our 1 FK7 motors can be fully utilized when used with SIMODRIVE or MASTERDRIVES Motion Control.
Motion Connector
Motion Control
Motion Drives
1 FK7 CT (Compact) : Universal for every application

The most compact of its class
When space is limited, only the most compact motor has a chance. The "learn" 1 FK7 servomotors their flexible and modular design are some of the most compact of their small dimensions. Maximum drive power can be provided in the tightest spaces in any machines as a result of the high power density and the square design. For instance, our smallest version, with shaft height 28, produces 0.85 Nm (7.5 lbf-in) of torque and comes with an edge to edge length of only 55 mm (2.1 in). The CT version is available in 6 shaft heights and 16 versions.

An interesting bottom line
Our motto is tailored performance. This means that you always obtain the best, most favorably-priced solutions for your requirement - and you only pay for what you actually require. The flexible selection over the complete range of outputs and options and allows the motor to be universally used. You can select a speed range from 3000 up to 6000 RPM and torques from 0.85 to 36 Nm (7.5 to 318 lbf-in). Thus allowing you to fully utilize the performance of the machine and drive - performance on demand.

Flexible for all requirements
A broad range of encoder systems guarantees the demanded motor performance. Using the well-proven resolver systems, almost all motion tasks, ranging from basic up to medium complexity, can be handled. When it comes to higher requirements, you can select between the high-precision sin/cos encoders and the absolute-value encoders, mainly used for positioning tasks. Alternatively, you can order the motor with mounted gearbox. Versions can be selected from helical, beveled, offset or worm gearboxes here. Because the gearbox is mounted directly to the motor, the envelope dimensions are reduced to the absolute necessary. Planetary gearboxes are the best selection when precise positioning is required. And, furthermore, we can provide the motor in the paint finish that you desire.
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
SH 28
SH 36
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
Servo Motors
SH 48
SH 63
SH 80
SH 100
Benefits for many industry sectors

1 FK7 servomotors are the ideal motor solution for :
Packaging machines
Standard machine tools
Robots and handling equipment
Textile machines
Printing machines
Woodworking, glass, ceramics and stone-finishing  machines
Press feeders
High-bay racking units
Logistic transport systems
Special machines
Plastic machines
Paper machines
Servo Motors
Servo Motors

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