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Perfectly Interacting : S7-200 And Micro Panels

With the SIMATIC Micro Panels we can offer you an excellent overall solution for operator control and monitoring form a single supplier that was specially desinged for SIMATIC S7-200. The panels perfectly match the S7-200 controller. For you this means less configuring expense. The panels' plug & play functionality ensures perfect interaction of all components. You decide which panel is right for you.*

For simple applications there are TD panels which can be customized and used whenever narrow space requirements matter.

* We take comptibility very seriously - for this reason, you can of source connet any other panel from our SIMATIC range to the
Text display TD 100C
• 4-line display for viewing text with 16 characters per line
• Up to 14 user-configurable keys
• User - defined display layout
• Representation, position and size of the keys can be configured as desired
• Password protection of all functions
• Up to 40 alarms can be easily configured
• Simplified Asian and Cyrillic fonts
Text Display
Text Display
Text Displays TD 200 And TD 200C
• Back-lit high-contrast LC display, 2 line
• Up to 80 text messages with integrated variables
• Configuration is saved on the S7-200 : intervention in the control program is possible via input of setpoints
• Setting on inputs and outputs (password protection of all functions)
• 5 online languages
• Simplified Asian and Cyrillic fonts
Text Display
Extras For TD 200
• 8 user-configurable function keys in fixed arrangement
Extras For TD 200C
• Up to 20 user-configurable keys
• User-defined display layout
• Representation, position and size of the keys can be configured as desired
Text displays
Graphics Operator Panel OP 63 Micro
The compact kid among the panels. Simple in detail, but full of functionality.

• Full graphics 3" display : bitmaps, bars, different font sizes, Cyrillic font
• End-to-end message systems with user-definable message classes (e.g. for operation and fault message) and message
  history (128 entries)
• 5 online languages (incl. Asian and Cyrillic fonts)
• Acess protection (password system)
Graphics Operator Panel
Touch Panel TP 177 Micro
For demanding users who appreciate a fully graphics-capable display as well us touch functionality, the TP 177 micro is the right solution containing all of the required basic function

• Intuitive use via 6" touch screen
• More choices of application through vertical installation
• Improved graphics options thanks to vector graphics blue mode (4 levels of blue)
• Efficient and flexible message systems for increased plant transparency
• Display of machine and plant states for defined message classes
• Transparent process visualization
• Optimal readability
Touch Panel
Coming With The Matching Software.....
Thanks to the innovative WinCC flexible Micro operating and monitoring software, the OP 73 micro and TP 177 micro panels can easily and comfortably be configured at the highest possible automation level.

Text displays TD 100C, TD 200 and TD 200C are configured using the SIMATIC STEP 7-Micro / WIN software.
Matching Software

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