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Expandable, Flexible And Powerful : Extras To Meet Any Needs - S7-200

Top In Real - Time Response
The advanced technology down to the last detail ensures our CPUs deliver excellent real-time response rates :
• 4 or 6 independent hardware counters, each with 30 kHz, 2 x 200 KHz with a CPU 224 XP, e.g. for precise path monitoring with
   incremental encoders or for high-speed counting of process events
• 4 independent alarms inputs, input filter time 0.2 ms to program action for maximum process safety
• Pulse-capturing function for signals > 0.2 ms for fast events from the application
• 2 pulse outputs, each 20 kHz, or 2 x 100 kHz with CPU 224 XP with pulse-width modulation and pulse-no-pluse setpoint - e.g.
   for controlling stepper motors
• 2 time interrupts starting at 1 ms and adjustable in increments of 1 ms-for gapless control of rapidly changing processes
• Fast analog inputs - signal conversion with 25 μs, 12-bit resolution
• Real-time clock

Time Interrupts
• Between 1 and 255 ms, with a resolution of 1 ms
• For example : it is possible to record and process signals during fast action insertionof screws at an RPM rate of 3000 1/min
  after just a quarter turn. This enables very precise recording, for instance, of tightening torques (M) to ensure optimum
  fastening of the screw

Fast Counters
• Operating independently for each other, of operations and of the program cycle
• Interrupt triggering when user selectable counted values are reached - reaction time from the detection of an input signal to
  switching of an output is 300 μs

• 4 - edge evaluation when incremental position encoders are used for exact positioning

Alarm Inputs
• 4 independent inputs
• For registering signals in rapid succession
• Response time of 200 μs - 500 μs for signal detection / 300 μs for signal output
• Response to positive-going and/or negative-going signal edge
• Max. 16 interrupts in one queue depending on priorization
Alarm Inputs
CPU 221
CPU 224 / 224 XP
CPU 226
Independent hardware counter
Independent alam inputs
Pulse outputs
Time interrupts
1 to 250 ms
1 to 250 ms
1 to 250 ms
1 to 250 ms
Real-time clock
Binary processing speed
Great Well-Rounded Technology
SITOP power - optimally matched to SIMATICS S7-200
SITOP power 24/3.5 A is the optimum backup power supply in the event the standard SIMATIC S7-200 CPU can no longer deliver power to connected consumer. The power supply is designed for, and function entirely in tune with Micor PLC and can be integrated into the PLC network like an S7-200 module.
SITOP power
For tough customers : SIPLUS additions
Operating under extrem conditiosns? No problem if you have to operate you system in an extended temperature range, rquire added condensation protection or demand other voltage ratings, then SIPLUS addtions is the solution for you. It lets you adapt your CPU to you special requirements.
SIPLUS additions
Memory Cartridge
EEPROM Memory Modules
A small optinal EEPROM memory module can save you a lot of time and costs. It makes it very easy to copy, update or exchange your user program on the device. And if necessary you can use this module to send a program quickly and inexpensively to your customers. You just shut off the power, Plug in the module, turn it all back on-and the program is instantly updated.

Weather projects documentation recipe handling or dada logging - our new memory modules are available with 64 KB or 256 KB.

Availables Options - Projects Documentation
• Bitmap files, PDF files, DOC files
• Complete MW Projects can be transferred to the memory card with the S7-200 Explorer - giving you onsite access to the current
   user data at all times even without MW

Recipe Handling
• Definition and download of the recips, e.g. production data, machine parameters, etc.
• Better use of memory ny occupying the data memory in the CPU with only one recipe : online updating and adaptation

Data Logging
• Dynamic storage, e.g. of performance or statistics data and fault or error message
• Optionally with time stamp
• Log file transferable to PC via Explorer
Small and Pratical
Battery Module
And to make sure no user data gets lost. you can use the optinal battery module for long-term backup to extend backup time from the roughly 5 days of internal backup to, in general, a total of 200 days.

Real-Time Clock
Whether you neet to count operating hours, warm up roooms or attach a time stamp to message : the integrated real-time clock on the S7-200 runs to the minute and to the day via the software according to your settings even in leap year. Including automatic daylight saving-time switchover.

Analog Potentiometers
With the integrated analog potentiometers on the S7-200, you can optimize the process sequence almost "according to feel" without a PC or visualization. They let you fine-tune the contents of data registries, time values, preassigned counter values or other parameters without meddling with the program. This is a practical way. for example, to change a welding time or delay time quickly and directly.
Analog Potentiometers

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